complex systems

If you look at our recent history we have totally based our society on theories. None of which has been proven over any length of time by empirical evidence. This has not been a natural choice/evolution of the people, but government policies that have highly influenced people.

Let's consider:
1. Removal of the family. This includes parents relying on the state for support instead of their children. Children relying on daycare/childcare from the state. Have they given any thought to it? I mean just look at what Europeans did to Native Indian children in Canada. They took them from their parents and raised them in residential schools to get them away from their 'backwards' culture. The result was an entire lost generation of Native children…a broken society.

2. Pensions/Healthcare have been made a 'right' in many countries. What society in the past would make these kind of long term obligations to its citizens?

3. Basing our economy on the 'services' sector and now the 'innovation' sector. Has there been an economy that survived just based on innovation? Much less one that has transitioned into that role in less than a generation.

4. Debt. we're basically have the US government and most western government playing a game of chicken with Asia with respect to propping up the dollar. Instead of following the history of savings and independence.

5. Removal of culture/religion. Apparently we can all be free critical thinkers. Those thousands of years of people needing religion or cultural norms means nothing.

there are several more. Yet, they all share one thing in common. They are all based on theories by certain 'academics'. I don't even like to use that word as anyone who is intelligent enough to be called an academic should have the sense to build resiliency into any large complex system. Nonetheless, here we are. All those concepts above are valid ideas and could be tried. However, what has happened is governments have bought into these ideas and left no resiliency in the system.

We are just told for example that we can move from the knowledge economy to the innovation economy. Why? Well just because we said so. Because we moved from the industrial economy to the knowledge economy. Well not only are we not sure if that was a successful transition (have we ever not been in debt while in the knowledge economy), the time it has taken has been phenomenal. Would you be willing to give up some efficiency for some resiliency in our economy. Give up some of our high standard of living to get back some of those jobs for a more diversified economy?

These are complex systems. We just don't know and cannot predict what can happen with complex systems. That is why we need resiliency in these systems instead of focusing on academic efficiency. Yet, efficiency is all we talk about. So when things fail, they fail big time. This is where we are today.

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