Can We Have Freedom

Can we have freedom?

Well if we look around the world, there are not any 'free' countries. Some are freer than others of course :)
Some are free in economic ways (Singapore) but lack social freedoms.
Some are socially free, but not economically free.

The US constitution was arguably the most free constitution every written. There is no way the founding fathers of the USA would have permitted the kind of government involvement in the USA today. Income taxes? Drug wars? World police/Imperialism? Heck no.

So what do you do about it? I don't think the answer lies in political action. I don't think a 'freedom' party has ever been elected and done what it set out to do. Too much of the population is dependent on government in one way or another and demands their cut of the loot. Want to reform education=fight teachers. Want to reform drug laws=fight police/social conservatives. Want to reform income tax=go up against the poor and public sector as a whole. You'll never change society by changing the government.

Well, I've largely given up on political action. Sure, maybe we'll have a couple small reforms but nothing big.
Whereever you are, the government will be. Try a revolution, have no fear, the government will slowly take it over in a few generations. Just ask the French and the Americans who both had great revolution of liberty only to become some of the biggest governments in the world.

So what do you do then as a freedom loving person?
Just live your life as if you were free. Does your state prohibit smoking marijuana…do it anyways (without being stupid about it). With enough people doing it, eventually the law becomes redundant (just go to British Columbia in Canada to see this). You can live without the state's approval.

If you're gay, just live your life as a married gay person. Who cares about government rules? Just ignore them. Can you be just as happy without the official certificate from the government?

Mad about income taxes? I am too. But what can you do about it? Change your state of mind. Instead of thinking you make 100k, but only take home 60k, just think of your salary as 60k. I mean considering all the money manipulation and inflation and the fact that money is not backed by real assets anymore, just take your pay and maximize it.

This is not to say sometimes the state is so involved in your life that you cannot just 'ignore it'. In those cases, fight the good fight as best you can.

Am I sounding like a defeatist? Possibly. Yet it is reality.

This is going to sound like a strange analogy, but in a perverse way political freedom parties are like political Islam.
Political freedom parties promise liberty and a solution to many of the world's ills, but they can never do it right. Whenever they try it, it eventually fails…and fails horribly. USA, France, England…all had great revolutions for freedom of big government…they all eventually become big bad governments themselves.

In the same way, you see all these muslims in the middle east claiming political islam is the solution. In an ideal world, maybe it is. Islam will set them free from their oppresive governments in Egypt, Syria…. But whenever political Islam is put to action, slowly, but surely it is taken over by more and more oppression.
Saudi Arabia, Iran, Palestine… There is not a single example of the so-called glorious Islamic State.

Just as their is no example of the so-called 'free-state'.
Maybe there were brief period when such states existed, but they always…always…always…always end up in oppression.

So why not just stay where you are and fight the small political fights you can win; instead of dreaming of a fantasy that will not come to fruition.

And hey, maybe I'm wrong and just a defeatist…in that case, I'll come to whatever country you manage to achieve this freedom in.

Practical Action

So what action can you have? I would argue you force the actions of politicians to be as free as possible.

Use their own justifications against them. You will never win an argument by arguing for freedom alone. What can you do, is hand them the victory, but win the freedom.
If they want to spend money on education, fine… but fight for school vouchers. If they want to devalue the dollar… fine… but have them send every printed dollar directly to us the people.

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