What a concept. It is a concept I think is the only rational way of integrating a society.

What is freedom?

I could give you a dictionary definition, but put simply:
Freedom is the ability for every individual to do as they please as long as they do not infringe on the rights of another.

What are rights?

What is a right? Right to life, right to safety, right to free speech, right to privacy, right to education, right to healthcare, right to employment/income?
You should notice how I started off with 'obvious' rights that we can all agree on.
Everyone has the right to life. You are not allowed to violate someone's right to life by murdering them.

The last 3 are 'rights' you might hear depending on which country you live in.
Right to education, right to healthcare, right to employment are things you might hear from socialists. But they are not true rights as they require others to be forced into doing things for you. Right to education requires teachers to be forced into teaching you. Right to healthcare requires doctors/nurses to be forced to heal you. Right to employment/income requires others to give you of their own wealth.

So you see, these are not so much 'rights' as they are priveleges.

Discussing Freedom

Discussing freedom is difficult with some people.
For example, in a free society homosexuality is a non-issue.
If two men want to be involved sexually, what business is it of mine or the states?
Yet an argument you will get against freedom is: you allow homosexuality, next thing you will allow bestially, or pedophilia.
Those two are not the same.
We cannot determine if an animal consents to anything, so you cannot engage in such activity with an animal. You are violating the rights of the animal by doing something to it without its consent.

Similarly, by law we state that children are not capable of giving consent. By engaging in sexual acts with children, you are violating their right of safety and privacy by doing it without consent (which they are incapable of giving).

Apply Freedom and Balance

Applying freedom into law can be complicated as we live in a society. How do my rights interfere with your rights? It is easy with obvious examples like murder. Yet it gets more complicated with say how we dress IN PUBLIC. Should public nudity be allowed? Just how much clothing is needed to go out in public? Most of these issues need to be analyzed from a position of maximizing everyone's freedom.
What is 'reasonable' to expect of the two people involved? I won't resolve this here, but it's in the issues section.


In the rest of the wiki, I intend to discuss individual issues and how their are resolved in a free society.

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